Assistant Crown Attorney

Working in the Scarborough Crown Attorney’s office since 2004, I prosecute criminal offenses in both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. The majority of my time is spent dealing with offences against the person (assault, domestic assault, sexual assault, robbery and homicide) as well as offences against the administration of justice (failing to comply with court orders) and other crimes (impaired operation of motor vehicle and fraud).

As a member of the Ontario Crown Attorneys’ Association ( I am one of nearly 800 Assistant Crown Attorneys who work in the Province.

In 2009 and 2010, I was working as a Site Lead at the Etobicoke courthouse on the Justice On Target project in an effort to reduce the average of time it takes to reach a conclusion in criminal matters by 30%.

I have been the Superior Court Administrative Crown for the Scarborough Crown’s office at the Superior Court in Toronto.

I also worked out of the appeals division of the Ministry of the Attorney General doing appeals to the Court of Appeal.

In 2014, I was appointed as the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Counsel-in-residence at the Law Commission of Ontario, for a one year term for the purposes of examining the Class Proceedings Act and its associated Class Action practice.


Duty Counsel

In 2003 I acted as staff Duty Counsel (What does a Duty Counsel lawyer do?) in Scarborough and found it to be a very rewarding experience. I gained a lot of very valuable knowledge about the criminal court process which I have used since.


Private Practice

In 2000, I openned my own law practice which focused on real estate and estates law. I found running a sole practitioner firm to be a very demanding thing; not only did I have to do the legal end of the business, but I also had to complete the business end. After 3 years, I decided that, while it was profitable, I wasn’t enjoying the solicitor work anymore.


Community College Instructor

While I ran my law practice, I also taught a business law course at George Brown College and Centennial College in Toronto. I very much enjoyed the interaction I got with the students. My course focused on Torts and Contracts, and was a rigorous course with high expectations of the students. The feedback which I received from the students was that they valued being pushed to work towards their limits. The vast majority of the students left the course with a profoundly deeper ability to analyse the complex legal interactions which occur between people in a positive (contractual) and negative (tortious) way.


Provincial Prosecutor

While articling I worked part- time, and immediately after my call to the bar in February 1999, I worked full-time, as a Provincial Prosecutor. I found this to be an excellent way to learn the court process. I prosecuted a variety of offences, from minor traffic violations, to offences arrising out of major traffic accidents, and appeals before the Ontario Court of Justice.



I articled at a top-tier civil litigation firm, Thomson, Rogers. I drafted statements of claim, prepared affidavits of documents, and appeared regularly in civil motions court before motions “Masters”. It was an excellent initiation into the practice of law, and the civil bar especially.